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In progress

This typeface isn’t quite finished yet. If you license it now, you’ll get free updates as we continue development, including the final versions if and when they’re released. Read more about fonts in progress.

Variable font

A variable font includes multiple styles of a typeface within a single size-efficient file, along one or more axes (like weight or optical size), affording granular stylistic variation between design extremes. Learn more about our variable fonts.


Jesse Ragan

Production assistant

Vanna Vu


Cedar specimen

Cedar evokes a hand-carved sculptural aesthetic by wrapping rudimentary vector shapes around calligraphic structures. The seemingly-straightforward letterforms reveal a paradox on closer observation: their tactile appearance emerges from a distinctly digital construction of dissonant arcs and corners.

Project status

Cedar is in active development at version 0.3. Future updates will include:

  • continued refinement
  • character set expansion
  • improved kerning

If the typeface is currently missing something you need, please contact us. We may already have in the works, or we may be able to fast-track it for you.


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