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Advanced OpenType features

All of our typefaces include basic OpenType features like ligatures and fractions, but this one is special. Custom-written Contextual Alternates code automatically swaps in glyphs to boost typographic sophistication, and Stylistic Sets empower users to fine-tune the font’s settings. See these advanced features in action under Features.


Ben Kiel, Jesse Ragan




Cortado specimen

Inspired by illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt’s hand-painted script, Cortado translates the spontaneous energy of pointed brushwork into digital type. With a strikingly fresh aesthetic, Cortado has breezy confidence and mid-century cool.

To mimic hand lettering, nimble OpenType programming automatically alternates cursive connections with breaks between characters. Ligatures step in to prevent awkward collisions, and words end in natural brushstrokes. Repeated letters have subtle shape variations, for an authentic, self-assured feel.

You can fine-tune every feature yourself, but why not let Cortado do the heavy lifting? Kick back with a café cortado (the Spanish name for espresso cut with milk). Cortado’s got this—with fully-caffeinated swagger.


Hiii Brand: Typography jury award, 2014 Typefacts: Die besten fonts, 2014 Typographica: Our favorite typefaces of 2014