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In progress

This typeface isn’t quite finished yet. If you license it now, you’ll get free updates as we continue development, including the final versions if and when they’re released. Read more about fonts in progress.

Variable font

A variable font includes multiple styles of a typeface within a single size-efficient file, along one or more axes (like weight or optical size), affording granular stylistic variation between design extremes. Learn more about our variable fonts.

Optical sizes

This typeface comes with optical sizes, which you can access either by using the included variable font or by selecting static font styles (aka instances). When you license one font style, you’ll receive a static font for each optical size, plus a variable font with an optical size axis.


Jesse Ragan

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Escalator specimen

Escalator & Elevator grew from a client commission to replicate existing signage for the renovation of a landmark New York City skyscraper. They take inspiration from prefabricated letterforms of the 1950s, which manufacturers offered in so-called “Block” and “Futura” styles, by swapping in a few different shapes. Our interpretation increases the distinction between the two styles, pulling from surplus glyphs created for customizations of the design for other clients.

No one really needs another geometric sans, but Escalator & Elevator claim their own aesthetic territories in an abundant genre. Both families are delivered as variable fonts, providing full access to a wide weight range. The optical size axis addresses the specific needs of different type sizes with adjustments to the structure, tapering, and spacing. From small text to the appropriately-named Huge, these typefaces evoke architectural lettering and the era of phototypesetting.

Project status

Lyric is in active development. Future updates will include:

  • Overall design refinement
  • Improved kerning
  • Extended character set for Italics

If the typeface is currently missing something you need, please contact us. We may already have in the works, or we may be able to fast-track it for you.


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