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Want to try a typeface before you invest in a full license? Submit this form for an instant email with trial versions of our entire collection. Fonts are delivered as OTF files with a limited character set, and usage is subject to our Trial License Agreement.

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We’re on Fontstand

All of our fonts are now available to rent on Fontstand, for as little as seven bucks a month. A rental includes desktop fonts for one user, plus hosted webfonts for up to 10,000 pageviews/month. We’re thrilled to join many respected colleagues on this innovative font licensing platform, designed and developed by fellow type designers.

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Xyz periods

Starting at the end of the alphabet

We’re proud to unveil XYZ Type, our new independent type foundry. This marks the debut of Aglet Slab and Export, two original typefaces, joined by our previous release, Cortado. Free trial versions of every font are available on our site, so we hope you’ll download them and put them to work. We can’t wait to see where they end up.

We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who saw us through to our launch. Topos Graphics went above and beyond in developing our brand identity, our website, our voice, and more. Brana Vasilić at GrayBits transformed Topos’s ideas into brilliant code and made the implausible possible. And Eric Jacobsen helped us up after a bump in the road.

Lastly, a warm thank you to all our friends and mentors in the type community who have offered us advice and encouragement over the years.

—Ben Kiel & Jesse Ragan, XYZ Type

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Typodarium 2017 1400 xxx

Typodarium 2017

Find three of XYZ Type’s fonts featured in the 2017 Typodarium calendar. We may be four months into the year already, but you can still order your copy from the Slanted shop

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Slanted 26 special export stencil 1400 xxx

Slanted Magazine feature

Slanted Magazine issue #26 includes a feature section about Jesse, and the deluxe edition of the issue ships with a fully functional stencil tempate for Export. In fact, Slanted’s request for a stencil alphabet for this feature was Jesse’s original motivation for creating a Stencil variant for this face.

(More photos after the jump.)

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