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Aglet Slab

14 styles

Aglet Sans

14 styles

Aglet Mono

14 styles

Variable font

A variable font includes multiple styles of a typeface within a single size-efficient file, along one or more axes (like weight or optical size), affording granular stylistic variation between design extremes. Learn more about our variable fonts.


This typeface includes an extensive set of symbols that echo the design details and weight of the other glyphs. Each symbol glyph is properly Unicode-encoded for reliable copy-pasting, webfont fallback behavior, and screen reader accessibility.


Jesse Ragan

Production assistants

Mitja Miklavčič, Teja Smrekar


Aglet Mono specimen Aglet Sans specimen Aglet Slab specimen

The Aglet superfamily arose from repeated customer requests for a typeface that comes across as both technical and human. Built on an architecture of 45- and 90-degree angles, Aglet is softened by circular terminals and strategic curves, making roundness its disposition rather than an embellishment.

The collection includes blunt, hardy Aglet Slab, streamlined Aglet Sans, and quirkily practical Aglet Mono. The minimal Extra Light weights suggest wireframes. As they approach bulky Ultra, the shapes take on added interest and character. Used together, the three faces form a robust, flexible typographic palette of seven matched weights with true italics and an extensive set of symbols.

Aglet feels as at home in editorial design and corporate branding as it does on the web (and in your favorite text editor).


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